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Terry’s Colorado Home Supply in the Community of PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO

What a beautiful place to visit, what a blessing to call home. Pagosa Springs, approx elevation of 7,200 feet is the county seat to Archuleta County, CO; a county of almost 12,000 residents. Throughout the year the population changes in dramatic form because of visitors to our wonderful surroundings.

Pagosa is made up of a spirited lot. We live in a fashion today not unlike the pioneers that discovered this beautiful place along the banks of the San Juan River. We pull together to help one another and fight the elements and hard times, because of the magnificence of waking up to this mountain air that beats all that might compare. 

You will find Terry’s Colorado Home Supply as a leader in the community in offering a variety of products at great value to make local living easy. We have always offered a fun shopping experience and will always be changing with a changing community.

We have long been committed to the community with our support. Offering help to kids, seniors and local causes for several decades, we excel in supporting our home. This is where our kids have grownup; this is where we have worked for almost 30 years to make a community better, we are a local business!

If you are interested in requesting our help you may download our contribution form.  We cannot help with all things, many requests come our way, but each request is given consideration.

Pagosa Springs, CO

P.S. We Love You!